Last Week in the Links: 11/13-11/19/2017

U.S. Thanksgiving is this week but I already know what you all are thankful for...LINKS!

I am not Kingpin, for the last time! Not all bald men are the same! (

I am not Kingpin, for the last time! Not all bald men are the same! (

This Site!

I brought dual Tuesday Lists to you, starting with 10 other Spider-Man spinoffs Sony should give a try after the inevitable massive success of the MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE movie.

Next, as the less than stellar reviews began to pile up (and now the underwhelming box office) for Justice League, I suggested 10 standalone DC movies Warner Bros may want to pivot to now.

After watching the internet spew bigoted hate all over a Marvel project I did work on, I brought it to you in "The Hating of America Chavez."!

Mister Sinister makes a second Psych Ward appearance, this time for a face-to-face session.

Al Ewing and I bring that sweet content once again, this time talking ROYALS and the far far future.

I wrote the first post-inauguration speech of Mayor Wilson Fisk (the man so many misinformed people insist on on calling the Kingpin of Crime) and I'm super proud of it.

Robbie Thompson is back too and we are all about the Chameleon!

Finally, my third interview with excellent writer and quickly becoming a VIISFT (Very Important Interview Subject for Tim) and possible BGCBF (Best Good Comic Book Friend) Saladin Ahmed about the stages of Black Bolt's rule closed the week.


Comics Will Break Your Heart discusses me again, in the context of whether I should take over any or ALL of Bendis's books when he goes to DC Comics.