The Hating of America Chavez

Yesterday the first poster in a series that I’ve been working on debuted. It features a picture of the super hero America Chavez and describes what it would cost to dress like her (and have her tattoos). Through the wonder of Google and some phone calls, I put together the total bill.

The thing is a lot of people seemed not to like it. Given that it was sort of a cross promotion with a bank, I kind of anticipated that. I might have even had my own concerns about that when I found out that part.

But that wasn’t most of their objections. Only about two out of hundreds, to put a number of it.

No, for many, it was Chavez’s ethnicity and her sexuality.

See America Chavez is an alien/other dimensional being but she presents as Latina. Additionally, she is either a lesbian or bisexual depending on your feelings about continuity and was the child of a same sex couple. So instead of concerns about late stage capitalism here is a sampling of some of the quotes.


The cost of being America Chavez? Knowing that you're only a character created to pander to Hispanic-American girls.

Oh yeah- and pandering to the lesbian community. Marvel is lucky Americans love being pandered to!

Wtf smh, why are they getting pc all of a sudden

Marvel pandering to identity politics...smh

Is this the Hispanic Cap'n? Too much political correctness

She also an illegal alien who punches holes through walls.

Didn't she time travel to the moment cap was punching Hitler and jump in just to steal his glory? Yeah, definitely has NOTHING to do with cap.....Lmfao it literally showed her stealing his thunder, but ok, whatever you say super sjw!

Marvel needs to debate ideas that challenge their liberal ideology and welcome more independent and populist minded ideas.

The minute Marvel stops pandering the current SJW crowd that doesn't even read these books is the day Marvel will get its shot together. Until then, they're done for.

No one cares. She sucks. Bring back the heroes marvelites know and love and discard this trash.
Yeah hating white people and men openly in comic books is a small thing. Stop the reverse snowflake routine would you like me to list the things that have offended liberal regressives in the last 4 years

Or the fact that Marvel is choosing a political statement over story, character and art is disappointing to people who at one point liked Marvel and would like to see it return to a time when those things were paramount.

When she getting deported?

She could be America Chàvez and have a Mexican flag or from whatever she is. Lol
America is a Continent.

Hey SJW cosplayers it's going to cost you $300 in capitalism to dress as one of the crappiest sjw pandering characters marvel created.

Stop placating an audience you do not have.

To be fair if I was Hispanic I'd be pretty embarrassed.

What has happened to people in the social media era? You HAVE to represent everyone just for the sake of representation? It's a comic not a political ad or a billboard. Anytime they force something like that it fails miserably.

So what I’m sensing from Marvel is that heterosexual white males are only good for the villains is that correct?

I feel like Marvel is pandering to the Latino community with this lame excuse for a hero. Is this the best your writers could come up with???

The epitome of muh diversity in comics...

Too much lesbian stuff going on in a comic for me.

Another politically correct, liberal failure. No one will know of this grotesque person in 6 months.

When are you at Marvel gonna realize this book is an absolute embarrassment. It’s written by a moron for morons. This little “diversity” stunt is a failure.

American...Chavez?....*facepalm* Marvel just wants to fail at this point in comics it seems.


There’s plenty more where that came from. Comment after comment insisting that she is pandering, that having a Latina super hero or a lesbian super hero, in and of itself, is some act of political speech, that somehow she diminishes white men.

There are others I didn’t include because they called her trash but did not get specifically bigoted about it. Others specifically cited that they hated the book but not her and I gave them the benefit of the doubt too.

And there even some people who pushed back, who pointed out the bigotry, the leap from ethnicity to “what about us white folk?!” who questioned how being a lesbian was inherently political. So credit where credit is due.

But the majority were like those above.

I don’t have any commentary, no insight to offer. Just…look at this naked hate of a comic book character—not even a living breathing person—and take that in.

The next hero featured will be white, straight, and a man. I wonder what the comments will look like then.