Last Week in the Links: 12/28/2015-1/3/2016

Hey! I went to the emergency room yesterday! This is the other stuff I did last week.

On The Site

First, The January Project is back. It gets its own summary post, but I thought I'd mention it here too. Total platform saturation!

In the Tuesday List, I do the work of the saints and rank all the Drake's Cakes product line for your delicious guidance and enjoyment. It may be the most important post of my life.

On Wednesday, I did the kind of post you do between two massive holidays: my hot takes on hot takes of such respected publications as the Times and It may be a touch snarky.

Then I pondered the phenomenon of shipping and came down on the side of it not being really my thing, that being ok, but that also doesn't mean it is above some smart critical analysis now and then.

Finally, for New Year's, I closed the week by confessing my shortcomings in a post that suggested maybe worrying about how our favorites might be problematic might ignore or obscure our own problematic natures.

The Rest of the Internet

 Nothing. Don't be so greedy.