The Week in Tim Stevens's The January Project Week 2

As The January Project has its own separate section of the site, some visitors might miss it. No worries though, I'm here with this summary of the week that was to direct you to all the entries for January 6- January 12. Read and enjoy, won't you? 

January 6: Giving Up the Gun: The prophecy of the return of a champion.

Selected song: Vampire Weekend's "Giving Up the Gun."

January 7: Another Time, Another Place: A lover left behind struggles with the memories that linger.

Selected song: U2's "Another Time, Another Place."

January 8: Hella Good: A plague grips a small town. So why are they dancing?

Selected song: No Doubt's "Hella Good."

January 9: It's Good to Be King: A ruler writes one of his subjects and confirms just how great being a monarch is.

Selected song: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "It's Good to Be King."

Writer's Commentary: Shuffle: Beginning my look into how each entry came to be.

January 10: Your Lucky Day in Hell: A woman plots to destroy her enemy but might just be setting herself up for a fall.

Selected song: eels' "Your Lucky Day in Hell."

Writer's Commentary: Battery Kinzie

January 11: Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine: A woman explains exactly why she's rejecting medical care. Her argument might like cogency.

Selected song: The White Stripes' "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine."

Writer's Commentary: My Boy Builds Coffins

January 12: The Wreckoning: How shalt I compare you to a dangerous narcotic, my love?

Selected song: BoomKAT's "The Wreckoning."

Writer's Commentary: Leslie