January 6, 2014: Giving Up the Gun

Song: “Giving Up the Gun” by Vampire Weekend from Contra

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(image from xtimeline.com)

(image from xtimeline.com)

The prophecy reads as such:

                In the far wood there slumbers and molders a great hero. Possessing power equal to the greatest armies of this world and wisdom more than a hundred councils of elders, he silent sits atop a throne of steel and bone. His sword ever at the ready, his eyes affixed on what mortal minds can ill understand.

                He wants not to leave his post. It is his duty and he will hold it until it needs be held no more. Quiet, still, staring. The great hero does not even shudder with breathe and, yet, is not dead.

                There will come a time, says the ancient texts, that man might need rouse our unmoving champion. A time that the darkness has grown so deep and so choking that only he might stand against it. Whoever wakes him will suffer for it though it will be a sacrifice to the ages. Be it maiden or knight, the one who stirs the sentinel’s gentle rest be nearly equal in stature to him in the stories and songs of man. What they give will save us as surely as his saber.

                Awakened, the guardian will set about his task with unblinking resolve, ridding our lands of that which plagues it. He will be steadfast, true, and unvarnished by the temptations of flesh and riches that lesser will offer with wicked honeyed tongues. His virtue will remain eternal.

                However, it is said, that the journey to redemption for this world cannot be his alone. The day will come of a great battle. The dark has a twisted champion of its own, a shattered reflection of all that is good and strong in our hero. If man fails to stand with the awakened redeemer, we will be doomed forever and ever and he will be lost to us forever. As he shook off the dirt and rest of his torpor, so too must the peoples of our lands reject the concerns of the temporary and give themselves to history.

                Only then will this land be rendered clean.