And Then There Was Victory...

It is somehow fitting that the February Prompt is now ending on May 1. And by fitting, I mean deeply embarrassing.

First of all, I want to thank all the writers who participated for tolerating the delayed and then hiccup-y schedule. I take full responsibility. It turns out launching one's own site represents a fair amount of work. Nonetheless, future February Writing Prompts will go off with comparable ease, Scout's Honor.

Second, thank you for all those who read the stories and voted. The site saw, by far, higher traffic than my blog (the first home of the February Prompt) did last year for the submissions and voting was also a bit higher. So thanks to all of you, too, for sticking wit it through the delays and hiccups.

Third, this was a close one. To demonstrate, take a look at this pie chart--scrubbed of identifying data--to see the voting distribution percentage.

Vote Spread.jpg

Everybody got votes and things, especially the stories that finished second through fourth, were very close.

You may also see that we have a tie. And that that tie is between the two first place finishers.

So, there you go. Thanks again.

What? Who? want to know?

Ok. I guess I can see that.

Well then, without further ado, the 2013 February Prompt winners are:

Heather Weinberg for Dark Paradise


Karla Kale for Between the Lines

Big congratulations to both!

And, once more, thanks to all of you.