The Polls Are Staying Open! Keep Voting!

As can often be the case, things far more important than this writing contest occurred last week. While I did not cancel the voting in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, I did choose not to promote it. The moment just never seemed right or appropriate so I held back. Unfortunately, over the course of the week, there never felt like a “right” moment to point people to the link, so I held my tongue.

As you can see from the previous voting post, polling was intended to end today, a few hours ago. However, it felt wrong to me to not give everyone who participated in the contest and everyone who read the stories (that means you, hopefully) a chance to know of the voting and be able to let people know/vote for their favorites. So we are extending the voting exactly one week. Now everyone has until April 29th to cast their ballot and elevate their favorite story and/or writer to everlasting glory.

Here’s what you need to do.

1.)    Go to the polls.

2.)    Follow the direction (basically hit the button next to your choice and clicking on the grey button at the bottom of the screen).

3.)    Spread the link via various social media platforms if you so choose.

You should note: I messed up when I created the poll and missed until too late. I listed all my stories. I cannot win—conflict of interest and all that. So if you still want to vote for me, feel free. But much like voting for a third party candidate in the Presidential Election, you will be throwing your vote away. Be warned.

On behalf of myself and all the other writers, thanks for checking out our stories and thanks in advance for your voting. We think you are pretty damn keen.