January 7, 2019: Demon to Lean On

“Demon to Lean On” by Wavves from Afraid of Heights

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Unemployed But Long History of Problem Solving. Offering Advisement and Support Services for Free. (Magmell)

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a Guardian Demon. But what if there were?!

I know, I know! Sounds wild. I mean, who would want a Guardian Demon even? But what if it was more like a Guardian Former Demon? Former Demon because said creature of the pit was exiled due to being too invested in humanity? Now that doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Grillich the Garrotter, but these days I just go by Gil. No need to stand on ceremony with me.

After hundreds of thousands of years walking the Circles, I have developed some very important skills. I’m a great life choice couch, good at breaking down advice into easily digestible pieces, and my ability to motivate is second to none.

Now I know what you are thinking. How good can I be if I’m willing to do this for free? Well, I am offering my services at no cost for a few different reasons. One is my appearance. I am red lizard like skin, a crown of what one might call horns around my head, and, at times, my skin will visibly smoke or steam. I understand that this can be off-putting and disconcerting to many.

Second, being let go from my previous position afforded me a fairly heft severance package. The initial balloon payment was enough for me to live quite comfortably for several years all on its own. Additionally, every six months, I receive another payment of precious metals and jewels that have a very favorable conversion rate. So no need to worry about making a living.

Third and finally, I was a demon. Like, literally. I feel like I probably have a karmic debt to work off.

 (Just kidding. Karma is a lie. Let’s keep that between you and me though, ok?)

 But Karma or no, it feels like I should spend some time giving back, you dig?

 Anyway, cannot wait to hear from you. I think you’ll find connecting with me with be the first important step towards a brand new you!

Will work with anyone over the age of 21. Am available for family support as well for those under 21.


·         do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


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