January 6, 2019: Swimming in the Flood

“Swimming in the Flood” by Passion Pit from Manners

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Many Sought in Home Drowning Case

Exeter, RI—According to friends and neighbors, Glen Finack lived a quiet, relatively isolated life. He kept mostly to himself but always had a smile, a kind word, and a helping hand at the ready. This is but one of the reasons his death Thursday morning has police baffled.

Emergency vehicles first arrived at the scene of Finack’s home around 9:05 AM after someone reported the sight of sparks and a loud bang. Twenty minutes later, after repeated attempts to batter down the door, officer shattered with an axe. The breach caused some 112,000-plus gallons to rush out of the home into the area around the property. Two officers were swept up in the current and remain in critical condition. Also discovered amongst the wreckage was the body of Finack. He was estimated to have been dead for 3 hours, having evidently drowned in his own home.

The story, however, grows even stranger from there. According to police spokesperson Carryn Matthews, “Given the construction of Mr. Finack’s home, it should not have been able to successfully hold that much water for that long a time without some portion of the way giving way.”

Forensic analysis has offered at least one possible reason for the house’s structural integrity. A preliminary look at the material of the home reveal that everything from the panes of glass to the doors had been replaced with significantly stronger materials. This raises the possibility that someone had changed the home with an eye towards filling it with water.

Matthews confirms this speculation. “That is our theory of the case,” she replied, via email, when reached for further comment.

Although the police have largely declined to answer further questions, they have confirmed they have spoken to several peoples of interests. A Finack family member, on a condition of anonymity, has disclosed to the Tribune that at least three of the named people of interest -- Gretchen Lithwick, Robert Hall, and Cynthia Wesmulder -- have previously dated the deceased.

The Tribune will be following this story closely and providing updates in the days to come.