January 23, 2016- American Dream

“American Dream” by Better Than Ezra from Before the Robots

Listen to it here

(photo from soshable.com)

(photo from soshable.com)

Dear Daniel and the rest of the officers of the Class of 2006,

First, wonderful to hear from you and see so many of our classmates are doing so well. I only wish we all could be so lucky.

I don’t have much to report on this end. I’m engaged. No he did not go to school with us, no not before or after us, no he’s not from our town or one next door.

I have a job I really like. In a city. Not our hometown.

I rent an apartment. It’s not too big or too small. I like it well enough.

And that’s all I care to share. Feel free to read it if anyone wants to know about me.

Which brings me to the real purpose of this letter. I’m not coming to the reunion.

It’s not because I’m on set in Bora Bora or performing a delicate surgery or going in for a delicate surgery. I’m not pregnant and I don’t have kids. I’m not training to break records nor opening a new Broadway musical.

There’s really just one reason. Wait, no…two.

First, Daniel I’m still in love with and I’d leave my fiancé in a heartbeat to be with you again. But you’re married with a kid, from what I’ve heard, so I don’t actually think you should be with me. But I’d really like it.

Second, I didn’t like nearly any of you besides Daniel back when we were in school. I feel no compunction to try to be friends with you all a second time. That seems wasteful to me.


Clara Bell Roberts