January 22, 2016- Walking in Your Footsteps

“Walking in Your Footsteps” by The Police from Synchronicity

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(image from livescience.com)

(image from livescience.com)

Woke up this sunrise
Only to be greeted by those prehistoric flies
Somehow slept my way back
To time before time, far away from my human pack

Threw on a shirt
Didn’t even care about the dirt
Grabbed my bag
And some paint to leave my tag

Went outside, breathed in that people free air
Then strode over the landcape, working it with some flair
Found myself face to face
With the beasts that used to rule the place

A dinosaur, big and tall
Looking down at me, oh so small
I did not tremble, I did not shake
Instead a seat on a rock I did take

I smirked, “Hey there dino!”
With all the unearned confidence of a wino.
“I know you’re a big deal now,
But soon, you’ll be replaced by the likes of the cow.”

And so it went the rest of the day
Me mocking the dino, not letting her get a say
I read the riot act to that dinosaur
Leaving that thunder lizard plenty sore.

The next morning when I awoke.
Back in my own time I did return, once more a regular bloke
Meaning I spent my day with prehistory just outside my doors
Doing nothing but mocking the dinosaurs