Writer's Commentary: Lies

On Post: Lies

Date: January 21, 2014

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Essentially, everything here hinged on the line “I can feed your dirty mind/Like I know, like I know you want.” That stuck out to me and the first thing I thought of was a phone sex operator in another phone related job. In writing it though, it seemed too…shaming, I guess. Like she didn’t get that she was doing a different job that only shared phones in common.

So instead, I went with a pleasantly bland woman who, it seems, was having a hard time selling until she decided to bring the axiom “sex sells,” to life. She is not naïve to its effect, she is capitalizing on it quite knowingly. Instead, she thinks her bottom line is important than what she has to do to get there and, wouldn’t you know it, it appears the manager, mouthpiece of the company as a whole, agrees. They might’ve thought what she was doing was wrong enough to inquire further, but no wrong enough to fire her and lose her sales.

Which makes it sound bigger and more social justice-y than I feel I can really lay claim to. Mostly, more than anything, it was an exercise in seeing how suggestive I could go with her sales pitches and still bring it back to the product.