January 28, 2014: The Distance

Song: “The Distance” by CAKE from Fashion Nugget

Listen to it here

(image from wisegeek.com)

(image from wisegeek.com)


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THE DISTANCE- Cole Trickle’s been gone from the world of racing for a long time. Too long for his tastes. But when he comes roaring back to the world of speed and turning left, one thing is clear: he’s different. Only he knows how and why and the answer is shocking. Trickle is a vampire. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE meets DAYS OF THUNDER as Trickle takes to the track, and steals a fellow driver’s heart. Will he choose glory or love…or BLOOD?! in THE DISTANCE?

MY BOY BUILDS COFFINS- The hidden world of coffin manufacturing steps into the light in this thoughtful, funny, and exciting documentary that follows the youngest coffin artisan, Billy Gleen, and his family as they struggle to establish themselves against corporate coffin makers.

YOUR LUCKY DAY IN HELL- Chloe Smith wins the lottery…the same day she dies? Yes! And it turns out you can take it with you, even to Hell! But what’s all that money to Chloe when she realizes how her actions hurt those she left behind? Will she give it all up to heal the wounds of her misbegotten life? Can she turn back the clock, escape Hell, and set right her sins? Will her new boyfriend, Satan, let her?! Found out as she non-lives through YOUR LUCKY DAY IN HELL!

BATTERY KINZIE- She’s a brilliant inventor with limited social skills but a raging libido. He’s the spirit of dead sex researcher she’s bonded to a car battery. That’s right, the ghost of Dr. Kinsey is back again in this charming sequel to the 2011’s surprising romantic comedy hit: I’LL SPELL IT KINZIE, THANKS! Come back for the sweet, sexy fun and feel the rush of lust (for great filmmaking!) all over again in BATTERY KINZIE!

HELLA GOOD- Surfing’s always been Boone’s life but that shark bite has left me terrified of the water. If he doesn’t compete though, his friends will lose their home and their car wash business. Can he overcome his fears to re-embrace his love of the curl? Or will his sexy bikini wearing friends have to live a life devoid of car washing? All this and more is answered as Boone tries to return to feeling HELLA GOOD!

IT’S GOOD TO BE KING- The biopic they don’t want you to see! Michael Jackson was raised to be a superstar, but was he also raised to rule the secret community of lizard people who control the world’s governments? Could be!!!! This film is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Was the King of Pop also the King of the Lizard People? The truth may shock in IT’S GOOD TO BE KING!

I’M NOT SLEEPING: Carol and George Blaze are awake. They have been awake for days. No one can figure out why, not even them. As their grasp on reality begins to slip, a new world opens to them. Is it the real world? Are they the only ones who can protect us from the reality behind our delusional existences? Watch this movie and you’ll know the truth. Watch this movie and you’ll be telling all your friends I’M NOT SLEEPING!

LIES- In this hilarious animated feature for the entire family, a cat mom and dad conspire in increasingly ludicrous ways to shield their kittens from the harsh realities of life. Thrill as they sweep under the rug the realities of poverty, discrimination, random violence, and mortality. You’ll love this adorable cats’ LIES!