January 26, 2013: Moment of Clarity

Song: “Moment of Clarity” by Jay-Z from More Jay-Z Than You Can Shake a Stick At, a greatest hits mix made by Tim Sheridan

Listen to it here

(Picture from www.telegraph.co.uk)

I see from the window

that he’s here

Gracing the old neighborhood,

giving us a chance to huff on his fame glow.

He’s rich and famous and just so well-dressed,

no surprise there

An army of stylists, agents, publicists, and personal trainers can get you—

Oh my god, is he wearing a sweater vest?

I’d say I’m not jealous,

but that’d be a lie

I’m tired of saving ever time just to buy some flowers while

He can, without a concern, buy some girl a pelisse.

He had the talent, there’s no doubt that’s true.

But I’ve always been smart, nice, and responsible

and that’s gotten me nowhere.

Aren’t I entitled to a contract that can change everything too?

I can’t spit rhyme or verse

I’ve just got my brain and my will

And hopefully, some day, a little bit of luck.

So I can earn my keep, before I take that final ride in a hearse

The bottom line is this:

We grew up the same, broke the same laws,

but now he’s a star

and everyday I sink ever closer to the abyss.

When he comes back here

to smile and wave and preach the gospel of hard work

He ignores us, the ones left behind, and falls for his own narrative

without a single quaere.

I don’t want much

a moment on stage

a chance to provide for my family

and to buy a great hutch.

You see, it’s all very simple to me

No limos, no models, no mansions

Not designer drugs or posing for pictures

I just want to escape here for a place with sights to see

a housing association fee

and maybe a tree