January 1, 2013: Change

Song: “Change” by Tracy Chapman from Where You Live

Listen to it here

(Picture taken from http://article.wn.com)

Change is no fun

Change is so overdone.

I do not think I shall change today,

Now please do go away.

The change you sell,

It interests me not.

It sounds quite a bit like hell,

And your words on the matter are tying me in a knot.

This change you boast of,

Strikes me as distasteful.

Besides I am busy with a pig, roast of

I have not a moment for your arguments, however graceful.

The thing you see

Is I am me.

As me I’ve survived

And I will not risk that because others have thrived.

Change is not promising, you understand

Change is just disappointment, inevitably.

The status quo, there’s a choice worthy of a stand

For we know it so well and unquestionably.

So take your change, dear sir,

Take it somewhere where they might be interested in a stir.

Here, we much prefer things the way they are.

We can grasp no possible reason to expand a repertoire.

Understand, if things improve

How will we complain?

And if things, generally downward move

How oh how will we justify all this champagne.

So please, sir, please

Allow us to accept, without protest or hope, our idiosyncrasies

Your change is much too scary

Perhaps we’ll be more in the mood next January?