Writer's Commentary- Not Falling Apart

On Post: Not Falling Apart
Date: January 19
Despite my repeated statements regarding my lack of poetic ability, I did a poem here. As far as why I would do so, I confess I am not entirely sure. I feel like when I first began to conceive of the piece I just “saw” it as poetry. When I sat down to write it, even though I could not bring what in my head was a really good thing to the page, I just couldn’t shake that first impression. Hence, a poem.
As far the text of it, the inspiration is pretty straightforward. In the first verse of the song, Levine is singing about being in a bad relationship, but the chorus reveals his significant other has now left him. The rest of the verses focus of him dealing—or, rather, not dealing—with this relationship rupture. The lead of the poem is pretty similar. He fears the break-up, really wants it, and then moons over its arrival. It’s just the idea of hating the situation you are in, but fearing that it might end because of what would mean for your life.
Best couplet:  
This is life, crawling toward
                grey on grey
Terminally bored
                nowhere to aim

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