Writer's Commentary- Jane Fonda

On Post: Jane Fonda
Date: January 12
I don’t know what “Do the Jane Fonda” means, but it feels like it might be unsavory. It could just be being in a movie with Jennifer Lopez, but it could also mean marrying Ted Turner. So, there’s a fairly significant range of experience options there and I am guessing most of them fall closer to marrying Turner than to movie-ing Lopez.
The dominant image of Fonda I have, even all these years later, is her as 80’s exercise guru. I’m way too young to have an impression of her as the anti-Vietnam War enthusiast that some call “Hanoi Jane.” I’m aware of that history, but I didn’t live through it and I didn’t know it until after I already knew her in her stirrup pants on VHS. For the sake of the story, I figured it was the incarnation must likely to provoke a fetish in a gentleman as well.
As far as why the POV character has such an issue with it, I’m not sure. I kind of figured it was that this man still owned a VCR. Because, really, that’s the weirdest part of the whole thing.
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