January 20, 2012: Not Falling Apart

Letter: M
CD Number: 4
Track Number 9

Song: “Not Falling Apart” by Maroon 5 from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

Man Alone in Room, Lonely or room to spread out?
(Picture taken from http://www.mygoalsbuddy.com/2011/02/exclusive-rob-yeung-and-art-of.html)

It’s going to happen today
he thinks
But everyday
                is the same

The coffee pour
The slamming door

This is life, crawling toward
                grey on grey
Terminally bored
                nowhere to aim

The petty arguments
The kneejerk judgments

She loved him
Now that’s dim
                passion grown tame

The kisses gone dull
The relationship becoming numb

It’s going to happen today
                he half hopes
Really believing, “There’s no way”
                finally figuring he’s figured the game

But this time it’s true
The note says, “Please know that despite this I do love yo.”

It’s going to happen today
                he tells the empty place
But the door never gives way
                the only company self blame.

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