A Primer on The January Project for Our New Guests

If all has gone according to plan, you have been lured here due to my powerful, inescapable recent ad blitz.

(By the way, if you like the posters and business cards, drop Danielle O’Brien a note saying so and/or asking her to do work for you on Twitter @DanielleOBrien)
Or perhaps you are here because of some of my other work for Marvel.com, The Living Room Times, or New Paris Press. Either way, WELCOME!
Now that you have got here, you may be asking yourself what exactly here is. Well, these posts probably does the best job of giving you the nitty gritty of what The January Project is all about and how it works. But here’s the quick overview: Everyday in January, I randomly selected a song from my CD collection and wrote a piece inspired by it in some way. Then, I paired it with an image and posted it on the site.
As such the pieces are often short and always unedited. This is not polished writing, but that was not the purpose. The purpose was to challenge myself to write something original every day for a month and to do so in a variety of styles that required me to stretch, however slightly, beyond my typical writing comfort zone. To further this, I also did a Reader Suggestion a week which could literally be any song of their choosing.
Now that you know that, I hope your interest is piqued. If so, allow me to suggest starting with this post, a prequel, Zero issue, ashcan, teaser, chase edition, etc that doubles as both a demonstration of what’s to come and a legitimate work of random writing at the same time.
From there, feel free to peruse all of January’s entries, starting here. I’d suggest only doing a couple at a time, taking a break, and coming back later. This much creativity can be overwhelming. Or something. In all seriousness, I find my attention wanes after reading a few blog posts from talented people I respect and it is not that the quality of what they are doing has worsened. Given that and that I am under no illusions about my talent level, I’d imagine many of you would feel the same.
After reading one, some, or all, by all means drop me a line. The end of each piece gives you numerous ways to do just that including making public comments here, dropping me an email, and or hollering at me via Twitter.
Currently, the site is in “Special Features” phase. Mostly, that means I am writing a “Writer’s Commentary” for each piece, approximately three times a week. It will also include “Deleted Scenes” which are Reader Suggestions I could not get to in January but still wanted to honor; and “Alternate Takes,” ideas that I tried and ultimately cast aside for another direction during the month. The Special Features start here, but I would really recommend holding off on them until after you read all of January’s entries.
And that, I believe, is it. Welcome to Tim Stevens’s January Project. Please read, enjoy, and comment. Oh, and if you like it at all (or, I suppose, loathe it) please show it to your friends, too.
Thank you!

(And here’s a picture of an awesome manatee kissing on a dude for your time)

Picture from: http://www.brandoncole.com/