January 10: Let Go

Letter: Mix
CD Number: 3
Track Number: 13

Song: “Let Go” by Frou Frou off the homemade mix (given to my wife, The Thunder, as a gift back in the day) Ms. Sagness Goes to Washington (Again)

The usual was exaggerated body language and
the occasional fake accent.
But today was different. Quiet, sad,
With all focus on her right hand.

“Nothing was wrong,” she
insisted. Life as usual.
Everything was just fine
and why wouldn’t it be?

The doctor prodded and pressed.
Respectful, to be sure, but not accepting
the pat answer. The doctor pushed harder than usual
as she could tell her client was more than just stressed.

The session wore on and the client seemed dug in.
Questions were answered rapidly.
Feelings spoken of superficially.
She appeared to have decided this was a challenge to win.

Then, without provocation or intention,
the doctor asked about family,
something that, heretofore,
had never been made mention.

The initial response was swift
and quite angry.
The client’s face screwed up in an expression
that made clear she was quite miffed.

But a beat more passed.
Things began to tumble forth.
Her voice cracked with tragedy,
her heart choked by the past.

There were sniffles and snorts
Gasps and groans.
Tears coursed forth
Erasing all those original planned retorts.

And here, sobbing and shaking,
feeling pulled apart and oh-so barren.
Here is where the healing began.
This was the start of the re-making.

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