Last Week in the Links: 02/19-02/25/2018

On a week where I reviewed a movie and got paid for it for the first time in...a very long time, I bring you...LINKS!

No joke here, she's just awesome. (

No joke here, she's just awesome. (

This Site!

Much like I did for THOR RAGNAROK, I gave readers some good phrases and short statements to offer something new and dynamic to their BLACK PANTHER discussions with friends. There are no puns. (It's almost entirely puns.

Following the lead of Filmspotting, I created six auteur comic book movie fantasies in the Tuesday List.

While I wasn't a huge fan (or much of a fan at all) of CLOVERFIELD PARADOX, it gave me a lot to consider. So I shared those theories in Pop Culture Musings.

Other Sites!

A day before she turned villain again, I explored how empathy helped me to understand why people loved Poison Ivy as a hero and why, in general, we need to be better about stating our opinions without attack others.

I returned to reviewing movies for duckets with my review of GAME NIGHT, a nice February surprise!