Last Week in the Links: 12/25-12/31/2017

May old or auld LINKS not be forgotten!

Killer Moth likes to keep things low-key. (

Killer Moth likes to keep things low-key. (

This Site!

You missed it this time out but file away The Tuesday List for next year so you can celebrate New Year's right.!

None of us can outrun our traumas, not even Quicksilver in this week's Psych Ward.

Falcon goes to Hell...and it isn't on vacation! Get the scoop!

Weapon X is up against the Nuke Squad and only the original Nuke can help. But can  he be trusted? Find out!

Al Ewing and I talk the end of everything in Judgment Day and you know you want to read that!


All at ComicsVerse!

It's time for comics shops to open their doors wide to all customers and welcome everyone in.

How the Ragman has made me a better therapist.

My love for Shocker is eternal.

The Punisher has arrived and I remain uncomfortable with people's love for him.

The joy of doppelgangers, particularly Batman's, and how they make us consider our own opposite doubles.