Last Week in the Links: 9/4-9/10/2017

Hey, IT was really good! Go see that film!

But before you do that....LINKS!

Don't mind Spidey. He's just hanging around. (

Don't mind Spidey. He's just hanging around. (

This Site!

Speaking of IT, in anticipation of that movie, I discussed the Stephen Kind adaptations I like in the Tuesday List. Spoilers: IT would definitely make the list now.

Beholding Bigelow looks at what some (but not this guy) would say is the apex of Kathryn Bigelow's career, Point Break. Come of the Swayze hair, stay for the unexpected Keanu compliments.!

You know how I love writing about Star Wars so I did it again! Captain Phasma stops by the Psych Ward. Did she take off her mask? Maaaaaaaaaaybe.

From a Captain of the junior space fascists in a universe far far away to a notorious gun wielding sociopath "hero." That's right, Punisher has finally visited the Psych Ward.

I got to interview one of my favorite people I don't actually know, Elliott Kalan--head writer on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the new Mystery Science Theatre 3000, co-host of the Flop House Podcast--about his work on SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL.

Marc Guggenheim talk mutants once again, this time about the upcoming X-MEN GOLD/BLUE crossover featuring Mojo!


My personal favorite Spider-Man villain, the Shocker, is my way into musing on my early comic book reading and the mystery of comics that compels fans when we just start and have no idea about back issues, previous storylines, or alternate dimensions in my latest for Nation of Nerds.