Last Week in the Links: 8/21-8/27/2017

Now if y'all wanna party like we do
If y'all wanna party like us, lemme hear ya say


"Hanging around? Great! Let's check out these links together!"

"Hanging around? Great! Let's check out these links together!"

This Site!

The Tuesday List gets punishing (and punny, apparently) with the Punisher as I contemplate who could be good villains for the upcoming Netflix series.

Zero Dark Thirty enters the spotlight in Beholding Bigelow as I review the film, Bigelow's change in filmmaking approach, and the lingering questions about the film's morality.!

My Marvel Legacy week began with me chatting up Robbie Thompson yet again, this time about the world's greatest duo, Spider-Man and Deadpool.

Then I keep providing you that good good SCARLET SPIDER with another interview with writer Peter David on what's next for Ben Reilly

Darkhawk is back! Chris Sim and Chad Bowers are writing him and then spoke with me to spread the gospel of the Hawk.

In one of my favorite interviews in recent times Max Bemis and I discussed his upcoming run on Moon Knight, mental health, the nature of chaos and creativity, and what was important to him in giving MK a brand new villain.


Feel free to scan through my Twitter feed to follow the saga of my growing and immediate shaving off of a goatee.