Last Week in the Links: 8/7-8/13/2017

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick. Mostly though I just talk and talk and talk.

So to links we go!

"In the distance," she shouted, "I see links!" (

"In the distance," she shouted, "I see links!" (

This Site!

The Tuesday List got historical as I looked back at other important goings on over the last thirty years of August 8ths. It's possible I was short on ideas that day.

Beholding Bigelow encountered a lesser entry in her catalog with a look at The Weight of Water and Sean Penn's positively sleepy performance.!

The Silent King, Black Bolt, can speak. And thus he wastes no time checking in to the Psych Ward in the latest installment of my long-running series.


I put in an appearance on the Creepy Podsta podcast and we discuss and critique a bit of creeypasta concerning a weird painting and room orientation. The story might not be great, but the trio of us certainly are.