Last Week In the Links: 7/10-23, 2017

Ever been to Utah? If you have, tell me about it. Nothing to do with these links, but maybe the next set.

Anywho...let's do this thing.

"So...are you apple juice?" (

"So...are you apple juice?" (

This Site!

I got silly--and did so before the death of George Romero, for the record--and created other "of the Dead" movies so I too can cash in.

In Last Tuesday's The Tuesday List I circled back to Christopher Nolan's filmography to update and deepen the correct rankings of his movies.



Fabulous Flo Steinberg is one of the most important figures in Marvel Comics history and was, at one time, one of only two employees for the company. She passed away Sunday and the comic community--and the world-- is poorer for it. I memorialized her for Marvel.

Phew phew! Ray gun! Ray gun! Explosion! (

Phew phew! Ray gun! Ray gun! Explosion! (


I returned to Turn to Page to take on the Planet Eater with host Jessie Cooper and my partner in space battle Caleb Green. Thrill first to Mister Von Dope Stuff.

Then jump to part 2, The Ancient Art of Mind Freaking.