Last Week in the Links: 10/23-10/29/2017

Not a lynx, but, rather LINKS!

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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (

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Tomorrow is Halloween so you still have two days to watch these horror movies from the past two years that I recommended in last week's Tuesday List.

In my occasionally occurring column on podcasts, I broke with format and compared two podcasts handling of cliffhangers and coming back from them for the next season.!

Al Ewing and I do our thing, this time giving odds on which Inhuman Royal might not be coming home from space.

Then Robbie Thompson and I team-up once again to talk about another great duo, Spider-Man and Deadpool, and consider ways Spidey might search for the Merc with a Mouth.

Last of my trio of buddies, Marc Guggenheim, got on the horn with me to discuss the X-Men going to the Negative Zone and why comics must engage with the real world.

Lastly, Jody Houser is new to RENEW YOUR VOWS and we talked all about the start of her run.


Over on Nation of Nerds, I reveal the unlikely but true story of how Ragman helped me be a better therapist.