Last Week(s) in the Links- 3/14-3/27/2016

Let's not talk about it. Let's just move on.

On The Site

Daredevil Week started with a deep look at the costumes of his life in the Tuesday List. And I forgot his Nameless One suit, like a bum! (Spoiler: I like the mostly white look with the red letters. Probably would've been neck and neck with the armor, which I also dig).

Next stop, the best (and one other) Daredevil/Punisher storylines. Followed by the best of the Daredevil/Elektra crossovers.

And, moving to other super hero conflicts, I revealed some alternate scenes from the newly opened Batman v. Superman that you can't read about anywhere else.

The Rest of the Internet

I continue to add my two cents to Read it and Weep via the written word, this latest time during their Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip episode.

Black Panther is coming back to a solo title that you won't want to miss (for serious!) so I let you know all about his best stories to this point.

Psych Ward returned with a spotlight on Moon Knight!

Ant-Man has become a refuge for some Marvel villains to return to a sort of, kind of straight life. I suggest a few others who would be well served to join up.

My Daredevil Week even captured as I wrote about some of Matt Murdock's best moments in the courthouse.

CIVIL WAR II sweeps up Spider-Man in its wake and I talked to writer (and fellow Gage) Christos Gage about how that is happening.

Jessica Jones is coming to the pages of HELLCAT and I got you the straight scoop.

I love dark mirror characters and Marvel was nice enough to let me write about some of the coolest meetings between the good ying and the bad alternate universe yang in anticipation of Silk meeting her bad double in SPIDER-WOMEN.

STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK are currently tangling with the villain Libra and I told the world why he's a bad mofo.

I had a great interview with David Walker about his new book NIGHTHAWK to close the week.