The Tuesday List: Top 10 Coolest Dinosaurs

With Jurassic World only a breath or two away, it’s time to tackle that most age old of age old questions: who are the coolest dinosaurs?

Top 10 Coolest Dinosaurs

10.) Velociraptor- Sure, the Raptor is a bit played out, a bit too big for the britches. But the dino is a star, a movie star in a time when those are in short supply. Gotta respect that.

9.) Brontosaurus- This ‘saur can just not be beat. Years after being declare a fake, a mistake, Bronto is back! Big as life and twice as indomitable. They might only eat plants, but they kick miles of ass. All. Day. Long.

8.) Alectrosaurus- They look like T-Rexes but only eat plants. More importantly, they won’t be tied down, hence their nickname: “unmarried lizard.” It’s nothing but party, party, party for these lads and lasses. Commitments? No thank you.

7.) Dimetrodon- For this one, it is all about the back. Specifically the sail on its back. That’s the hotness.

6.) Megalodon- It’s probably inaccurate to call this one the “shark dinosaur” (it’s a prehistoric fish, really) but Megalodon has never met a rule that they wouldn’t break. Enormous, whale eating rulers of the prehistorical sea, these fish knew how to make an exit too. Even more so than other prehistoric beasts, no one know ol’ Mega died out. Megalodon: keeping it mysterious.

5.) Stegosaurus- You don’t get to be the subject of a statue in New England’s Rising Star unless you can bring it. Scales, spikes, and still sweet as can be. If you had some Stegos as friends, you’d never need to worry about a thing.

Boom! Bet your state's capitol city doesn't have an abstract statue of a dinosaur in it! (photo from

Boom! Bet your state's capitol city doesn't have an abstract statue of a dinosaur in it! (photo from

4.) Quetzalcoatlus northropi- Like the pterodactyl, but way bigger. A real death from above type. Also, one of the few dinosaurs for whom the comparison to lizards is accurate. Quetz are not birds or birdlike, they are straight up legit flying reptiles. Cold blooded.

3.) Tyrannosaurus Rex- They might have taken a dive in the first Jurassic Park to help out Raptor, but there’s no doubt who the most dangerous Thunder Lizard is. Dig it. You couldn’t call these ‘saurs royalty if they didn’t deserve it.

2.) Triceratops- Three horns means triple cool points. And that armored collar? A must-have accessory for any dinosaur looking to hit the town.

1.) Ankylosaurus- Can you say upset?! This prehistoric armadillo looking jobber is armored to the teeth and will shatter your bones with a swipe of its mighty tail. This dino is even the basis for a Godzilla monster that appeared in some five films. But you probably didn’t know that, because Ankylo is way too cool to brag.

As cool as the other side of the pillow. (image from

As cool as the other side of the pillow. (image from