Last Week in the Links: 6/1-6/7/2015

Hey guys. Let's just do this, shall we?

On The Site

Stevens Spielberg is a master of his craft, arguably one of the greatest directors of the past fifty years. But not every one of his movies stand up to scrutiny. No one's perfect, right? So, to save you time, I direct you to his Canon, the last weeks The Tuesday List.

I continue to be a white guy who explains to other white guy's why that post on Facebook was not a great idea by taking on the "this white person was killed, and by a black person besides!, and you don't see any riots from us do you?" meme. It may surprise you to find out I am not really a fan.

I contemplated my daughter's new favorite book on super heroes, and the lack of active woman super heroes in its pages, Wednesday, mostly through pictures. Less of my blathering!

Finally, the week drew to a close with my throwing some side-eye to Lost World and praising Jurassic Park III in JURASSIC WORLD's Flashback Friday.

The Rest of the Internet

I return to the upcoming SECRET WARS: RED SKULL series to continue to bang the drum for this interesting, nasty exercise in villains teaming up to take on a far worse villain over at with writer Joshua Williamson providing character motivations for them all to get you all revved up for the book.