Last Week in the Links: 6/8-6/14/2015

If you haven't caught me whining about it on Twitter, I've been sick. Nonetheless, the show went, limping, on.

On The Site

The Tuesday Week resolved that most long-standing of questions: which dinosaurs are the coolest? I think some of the answers may surprise you.

On Wednesday I made a confession that no doubt shocked the world. Hint: it involves the post office.

Complaint of the Week took on one of those issues almost no one is talking about in arguing against pre-employment drug screenings on the basis of them being costly, not particularly effective, and intrusive without cause.


The Rest of the Internet

Through the conduit that is me, Al Ewing let the world know the definitive list of the best British Marvel super heroes over at You're welcome, world.

Earlier in the week, I gazed into my crystal ball to tell you the names of the Avengers 2099 and what they might be all about.