Last Week in the Links: 5/4-5/10/2015

Felt good about last week. Five pieces, five days. Keeping pace, liking it.

Anyway, it was a week that saw me discuss an international director's national offerings, point out why you can not be black and still not have a problem with "Black Lives Matter," revisit Spider-Man's magiced away marriage, and more. Let's get into it, shall we?

On The Site

John Woo is known for two guns blazing, doves fluttering, and style a-plenty. Now he'll also be known for that time I made his American films the subject of the Tuesday List.

On Thursday, Complaint of the Week discussed the "Black Lives Matter" movement and some's kneejerk response that "All Lives Matter." I will not spoil the piece for you except to see that "Black Lives Matter" is not and was never intended to be a statement of exclusivity.

The week closed with a Confession that needs to be read to be believed. (Really, it's just about movies, but still. Read to be believed!)

The Rest of the Internet

Elsewhere, on specifically, SECRET WARS continues to prove there's nothing it cannot do. That includes resurrecting the Spider-Marriage. In preparation for that return, I offered eight great marriage moments, one for each year the marriage has been gone. I'm crafty like that.