Last Week in the Links: 4/20-4/26/2015

The site might not have been hoping but let me tell you, the rest of the internet was wild with Tim Stevens.

On The Site

Wes Anderson creates immaculately arranged and observed worlds. So I reduced his films to a listicle ranking them all in The Tuesday List. I can ruin all art!

The Rest of the Internet

Marvel is full of incredible fighters and masters of open handed and weaponed combat. So I wrote a slideshow piece about them all to promote the upcoming MASTER OF KUNG FU limited series.

My voice was all over the place last week as well. First, you could hear me wax on about DAREDEVIL the comic at Comicsverse, then DAREDEVIL the Netflix series at Something Something Cast (home of one of the world's finest theme songs).

But we aren't done yet, oh no. Then it is back to Comicsverse to talk Spider Women and Girls and Star Wars.

Last but not least, we are back to to see how the HYDRA half lives as I cover a brand new one-shot from CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM writer and producer David Mandel--HANK JOHNSON: AGENT OF SHIELD.