Last Week in the Links: 12/14-12/20/2015

Hey! I went to the emergency room yesterday! This is the other stuff I did last week.

On The Site

With the latest Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation, available for purchase, the Tuesday List ranked the quality of each film in the franchise.

On Wednesday, I revisited Tomorrowland and rejected two of the bigger criticisms of the largely mediocre movie.

After listening to me running on at the mouth about Jessica Jones, I realized I botched one answer. I revisit that to fix it up a bit, imagining how subsequent seasons could follow a path of recovery.

I turn the psychology lens on Star Wars, exploring how the Light and Dark Sides embrace of one state of mind over an integrated self led to each group's destruction and Luke Skywalker's ability to tap Wise Mind allowed him to be the last Jedi.


The Rest of the Internet

Starbrand and Nightmask are the best of friends. I talked to the series writer to find out why.

Spider-Man and Silk are teaming up and two of my favorite interviews/people are working on it: writer Robbie Thompson and artist Todd Nauck. Read all about their Infinite Comic as filter through my words.