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This week's List is a long walk through my favorite band's discography. It's definitive. Don't question my opinions on R.E.M. I assure you, they are all correct.

Last week's The Tuesday List ranked Michael Mann's filmography by objective and subjective measures to guide you through his oeuvre.

 Finally, I tell you why Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are great choices for True Detective Season 2 and let you know the films you should check out to prove it.

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Silk has a brand new series coming 2015! The other person bit by that fateful spider steps into the spotlight and I've got the scoop for you. No need to thank me. I do it for the people.

The Avenging Archer's current series is one of the most well-respected and enjoyed on the shelves. Jeff Lemire wrote another archer for another company and is considered a writer at the top of his craft. What happens when those two great flavors meet? Find out in my interview with Lemire about his new Hawkeye ongoing.

I would not want to live in the 50's, but it sure is fun to visit when talents like Kathryn Immonen and Rich Ellis are involved. Operation S.I.N. sees that duo tackle a story from the secret history of Marvel. Dig it you hep cats! That's 50's slang, right?

Captain Citrus is the hottest, coolest fruit mascot on Earth. Don't believe me? Read my article and you'll see.

I know the 90's. Well. And while the rest of failed to recognize my expertise and thus did not give any love to Darkhawk or Sleepwalker, I still had 3 entries of worthy top 10ers in the latest 75th Anniversary Countdown: Top 10 90's Debuts.

How could you not love these guys?! They're totally #1 and #2, right? (image from

How could you not love these guys?! They're totally #1 and #2, right? (image from