Episode 6: Iron John/Connor Hawke: Dragon's Blood

I take on the entirety of the mythopoetic men's movement via Robert Bly's Iron John and give them what for for their excesses, their kneejerk rejection of the modern, and their isolationist tendencies.

Then, we look back in the archives to find a great character mismanaged in the name of one writer's assertion that same sex intimacy is too complicated, while one man sleeping with his father's ra--well, I don't want to spoil things. But trust me, it gets uncomfortable.

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On a weekly (roughly) basis, thrill to the travails of our host as he submits a new piece of pop culture to the Board of What Exists to have it stricken from the record as they declare This Never Happened. Additionally, the host will revisit a past work of comics in the This Never Happened archives that has already been determined to have never happened.

Featuring brief music from the Clockers Original Score, "Iron Man" by The Cardigans, and the Dead Presidents Original Score.

Iron John, the fairy tale.

A brief mention of Chuck Dixon's issues with Hawke's sexuality that made the Chicago Tribune.

The big quote from Dixon (article now stricken from the web)- "I don't want to expect to be able to shield my kids from the subject of homosexuality as the media seems intent on bringing into my home and nothing short of cutting the electricity and boarding the windows will stop it. But I DON'T want my kids reading about it in comics. I don't want Judd Winnick or Grant Morrison or the nimrod who wrote this 'Rawhide Kid' comic informing my kids about the many facets and lifestyle choices out there in the world. I'd like to be the one to talk to them about it when they're older and I feel the time is right. I especially object to them using characters familiar to my kids to present this worldview. Could you please leave the Beast and Green Lantern alone?"

Host: Tim Stevens

Producer and "Judge": Skip Serpico

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