Episode 3: Left Behind (2000)/The Draco

Episode 3 aims to take you all to church as the Board talks Left Behind--and all the queasy theology therein-- and visits the archives to re-establish why "The Draco," that most beloved of X-Men storylines, never happened.

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On a weekly (roughly) basis, thrill to the travails of our host as he submits a new piece of pop culture to the Board of What Exists to have it stricken from the record as they declare This Never Happened. Additionally, the host will revisit a past work of comics in the This Never Happened archives that has already been determined to have never happened.

Featuring brief music from the Clockers Original Score, "The Flood" by Jars of Clay, and the Heartbreakers, and the Dead Presidents Original Score.

Host: Tim Stevens

Producer and "Judge": Skip Serpico

Special Thanks to James Hatton