February 27, 2012: Customer

By: Jeff

Song: Customer

Artist: The Replacements

Album: Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

Listen to the song of inspiration here

Jeff- Customer, Are they ALWAYS right?Really?

Photo by Jeff

The scene had played out countless times in the last few weeks. Today it was a six pack of Grain Belt that Jim slid onto the counter in what he thought was the coolest way possible. It was in fact rather clumsy, but it was a step. Two weeks ago he wouldn't even go through her line.

"Hey, back for more huh?" Greta's smile beamed across the counter as her fingers began dancing over the register keys. "You must be trying to singlehandedly keep us in business"

"Yeah..." almost inaudible, his eyes dart left, then down during an eternity of pause, "The Wild game's on tonight." His eyes now on the door, sweeping back across the coolers, everywhere except at her.

Greta hands his card back with the receipt "Have fun!" a giggle escaped, "See you next time" as Jim grabbed the beer and made a quick exit.


His roommate was standing in front of the open fridge when Jim got home.

"Dude, you ever gonna drink this stuff or what?" Every shelf was filled front to back. Lost amidst the Coors and Sixpoint was a stray ketchup bottle. "Where the hell am I s’posed to put my pizza?"

"Shut up Dave."

Dave shot him a droopy stare of feigned sympathy "Bet you didn't even talk to her, man. You need to get over this chick." He popped open one of the Surlys from the top shelf. "If you ain't gonna have any, I might as well start drinking. Just talk to her Jim. She's nice, right?"

"Yeah" head down as he tries to fit today's purchase into the crammed full fridge.

"So what's the deal? What are you afraid of man? Ask her out already."

"Maybe next week-"

"-Bullshit Jim." Dave cut in "Not next week. There's no more flippin' room in the fridge. No more beer you're never gonna drink. Either ask her out or I'm having a party with all this stuff!"

Jim saw the look, the lightbulb in his friend's brain as Dave continued. "That's it right there kid. I'm having a party this weekend. You go back tomorrow, ask her to come."

"But..." Jim stumbled over his words "what if she says no?"

"Whatever man. Either way we can free up some space in there." pointing at the fridge "I'm sick of you moping around over some girl you can't barely even speak to!"


It was a scene that had played out countless times. Only this time Jim set the Rolling Rock case down on the counter, brought his eyes up and looked right at her.

"Watching another game tonight?" Greta held his gaze for a second before he looked behind her and then at the floor.

"Nah." his heart raced, the courage flowed through him now and he looked up into her shining brown eyes "My roommate's having a party" a long pause "would you..." empty space "I mean...maybe you could..." then all at once "wanna come? Like a date?"

He looked away. She smiled.

"Well, you seem like a really nice guy" Greta's head tilted slowly towards him as a slight frown formed on her lips. "But you sure drink a lot. I just don't think I could date another guy with a drinking problem.

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