January 3, 2019: My Body

“My Body” by Young the Giant from Young the Giant

Listen to it here



Pistons rise and fall

A rhythm of industry from times past

Thump thump thump


Steam spewing forth

Twisting and curling above the town

Hiss hiss hisssssssssss


His feet smacked the pavement

The queasy thrill of accomplished pain sailing through him

Thwack thwack thwack


Heart hit double time

Trying to outpace the lactic acid

BaBump babump babump


Closer they drew

Verging on a single tract of land

Thump-Thwack thump-thwack thump-thwak


Steam and blood racing

Effort boiling, literally and figuratively

Hiss-BaBump hiss-babump hiss-babump


Then he was leaping

Breaking gravity’s hold



The whistle shrieks

A warning of no value



Tumbling he hits the gravel

Laughing and wheezing in equal measure

Heeeeeee heeeeeeee heeeeeeeee


The machine powers on

If impressed, unwilling to say