January 27, 2015: I'll Take the Rain

Song: “I’ll Take the Rain” by R.E.M. from Reveal

Listen to it here

(photo from  ibc.lynxeds.com )

(photo from ibc.lynxeds.com)

One bird sits on a tree,
quiet as can be.

Another bird comes by,
Hearing that first bird’s sigh.

“Why sigh when you can sing?”
Barry Bird asks as he flaps a wing.

“Why sing when the world is so bleak?”
wonders Ben Bird from his peak.

“There is rain
and pain
and rarely, if ever, anything to gain.”

“Perhaps,” replied Barry,
“Perhaps if you were less wary,
you could find things to make you not just happy, but very.”

“Maybe mindless singing keeps you pleased,
but I can’t be satisfied with that in a world so diseased.”

“What are you on about?
All we can see, the greatest of life is something I cannot doubt.”

“Go away now,” Ben sighs once more.
“Suits me fine,” says Barry, continuing on his tour.

One bird sits on a tree, once more alone,
ickled as can be, thinking, “The winner of that argument was me!”