Writer's Commentary: Young Volcanoes

On Post: Young Volcanoes

Date: January 31, 2014

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On my walk into work the day I wrote this entry, I “saw” the Image of a gathering of people shouting up at the battlements. That became the central setting of the story. As I crafted it, there were some tweaks. The battlements became badly damaged buildings and the time period less medieval, more post-apocalyptic.

Then, the rest of it came together as a series of cherry picking lyrics and arranging them in an order I enjoyed. “The foxes hunt the hounds,” informed the relationship between the haves and have-nots and the flip that’s occurring in the plot. “We are anti-venom,” is the reason for the scene with the arrows and the rapid healing. The age of the have-nots comes from the several references in the song to being young and/or beautiful. And so on and such of.

As for why they are specifically requesting the Sadist, I wanted a reason for the people on the ground to contact the people in the tower and a reason for conflict that did not mean I would have to script a large fight sequence. Instead, this way, I was able to cut away the moment the big epic violence erupted in a way that felt natural and well-timed as opposed to avoidant or rushed.