January 2, 2014: Battery Kinzie

“Battery Kinzie” by Fleet Foxes from Hopelessness Blues

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(photo from rocketswag.com)

(photo from rocketswag.com)


The following are excerpts from the Journals of Elliot Felton and Gloria Sanders, seized following recent events in the town of Kirkfield, IL.

June 5

I went over there again today. Bill, the step dad, wouldn’t let me see her. Said she didn’t want to see me, that I only made her upset. I told him I felt rotten inside without her and he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. 

He told me to go again, this time in an angry voice. I got mad then too, started to tell him how good his stepdaughter felt when we fooled around. He chased me off the property then, yelling until he was red and winded. What an asshole.

I know he’s keeping us apart. She probably thinks I’ve forgotten her because he doesn’t tell her the truth about me coming by and still loving her.



Dear Diary,

It happened today. I’m, like…god! I just can’t believe it. How could… I barely know him.

Bill helped me out again. I know I say all kinds of mean things about Bill and he does piss me off, but…I can totally see why Mom loves him when stuff like this happens. So…big strong man when you need it I guess.

This time was even weirder though. Elliot said some really gross stuff about us kissing and…more. Like us naked and….anyway, it was gross. I heard some of it and it made me so mad. I think I’ve spoken to him once in 3 years. But he keeps telling everyone all this and…I don’t know.

I think I’m scared of him. I don’t want to end up getting interviewed by the local news or see my story on Lifetime, you know? Or maybe…well I’m not going there.

Bill thinks I should call the police, maybe get a restraining order, but I don’t know. I don’t want to be that girl. The drama and all.