Writer's Commentary: Kill the DJ

On Post: Kill the DJ

Date: January 24, 2013

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In case it is not clear, I know nothing about guns. Just thought I’d get that out there. So the gun stuff in the beginning of this piece? Yeah, I’ve got no idea if it even approaches accurate, nevermind achieves it. My cousin is a NRA certified handgun instructor so I could’ve asked him, but I didn’t. So, you know, it may be wrong, but I am very aware of that. Because acknowledging the possibility (likelihood) of being wrong is the same as just getting it right, right?

Much like my enjoyment of writing about the devil, revealed yesterday, I love writing characters who act so wildly inappropriate to their situations—typically way too friendly under very bad/frightening circumstances—and this piece features a doozy, Billy the uninvited wedding guest/hostage taker.

Two things I particularly liked about him. One, he refers to the DJ’s equipment as his “deck” which strikes me as so douche-y and hysterical. You just know he said it and swelled up a little bit with pride about getting the term right. Second, he gives Barry, better know as the guy he shot, the nickname of Bar (pronounced in my head like Bare), a move all too familiar and comfortable given circumstances. Plus, it’s kind of a covert Archer reference and you can never gone wrong with one of those.

"You better call Kenny Loggins. 'Cause you're in the  danger zone ." (photo from  www.avclub.com )

"You better call Kenny Loggins. 'Cause you're in the danger zone." (photo from www.avclub.com)