January 21, 2013: Sing

Song: “Sing” by Travis from The Invisible Band

Listen to it here

(Picture from http://unknowndot.deviantart.com)

Alone in her attic

Martina sings

She signs loud, she sings soft, she sings quick, she sings slow.

She sings songs from the radio.

Sometimes, at night,

With the house all asleep,

Martina dreams of singing, and that works alright.

She’s be doing it for so long,

She can’t remember why.

But when does it, when she sings soft and quick or slow and loud, or any other combination in between

Things feel a little better a little less obscene

a little less like being ground in the machine

a little more keen

just a touch close to supreme.

So she sings





For mom, with her cancer and for dad, in the ground

For Theresa, round with child and Eric, sleeping sound

She sings out with such might, with a hope and a prayer

and wonders and hopes

That maybe someone might sing for her too, somewhere out there.