January 18, 2013: Sick Cycle Carousel

Song: “Sick Cycle Carousel” by Lifehouse from No Name Face

Listen to it here

(Picture from http://acartoonistsdaughter.blogspot.com)

The CARNIVAL HUCKSTER is stands in front and slightly to the left of a dilapidated, frightening looking merry go round. She’s dressed in a loud, rainbow striped jockey outfit and bangs a wicker cane on the podium, clearing her throat.

CARNIVAL HUCKSTER (really elevating to the back row)

Ladies! Gentlemen! Good little boys! Bad little girls! Small domesticated fowl! All of you! Every last one of you! Come closer! CLOSER! Let me tell you of this incredible ride! Sure to be the RIIIIIIIIIIIIDE of your life!

People begin to come in close to the podium and the CARNIVAL HUCKSTER jumps from the podium.

CARNIVAL HUCKSTER (adopting a more conspiratorial stage whisper)

This is a crowd that knows pain. I can see that on all your faces. Fear. Sadness. REJECTION! You are all people who have lived, not like those…simpletons out there, milling about, go-lucky and silly. They don’t deserve this ride. But you, my friends, MY COMPATRIOTS, you’ve earned this.

This, I can see you aching to know what this is. This is…the SICK CYCLE CAROUSEL! Incredible, yes?

But, I can feel you think, but what exactly is a Sick Cycle Carousel? Well, folks, that’s what I’m here to share. I’m here to reveal all.

Put your money in the cup, step aboard, and straddle a horse. Feel the authentic, carved wood. One of a kind craftsmanship! Beautiful work! If we were to break this thing down, this whole carnival would be rich. UTTERLY DRIPPING IN MONEY! But noooooooo, we value our customers too much to go for the easy cash.

As the music begins, you’ll find yourself transported to times long ago. Your childhood! Your first love! The summer of your tenth year. Your first EMBARASSING sexual ENCOUNTER! Not just memory, but actually re-experiencing.

All your senses ALIVE with the past!

The fun, the joy, and most importantly the pain. The glorious glorious pain! For as you all know, the pain is beautiful. The pain is life! Happiness is for the peasants. People like us? We know that pain is reality. Pain is PLEASSSSSSSURE!

So come on now, leap aboard, get stuck in the moment, hold on tight, refuse to move on. Embrace the pain! The Sick Cycle Carousel awaits. Lifffffffe awaits!