January 10, 2013: Come to My Window

Song: “Come to My Window” by Etheridge, Melissa from Yes I Am

Listen to it here

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This is SO frustrating.

So Sherry, she lives down the street from me. Really cute. Like…look, I know she’s not hot. Or other guys don’t think so. Whatever. I think she’s great. She’s got really dark curly hair and these big eyes. And her skin…oh man…I just love her skin. You’ve gotten see it. She’s so pale. I don’t know, but that just. Well, it makes me have to sit down, put it that way. I could sit and stare at her for hours. Especially her neck. So long and smooth. Perfect. Yeah, anyway, not everybody’s idea of a hot girl but definitely mine.

And I don’t just mean to fuck around with either. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like that, but that’s not what I want. Or I want that too. I mean, I’m a teen guy, right? Beside that though, I want something more with her. I don’t want to be weird and say “forever,” kinda, yeah. I can see it. Marriage, raising a family—an unconventional one but still a family—spending our lives together. I know that’s a big commitment and being a teenager means I shouldn’t think this way. Still, I mean, anyone’s got to admit my life is a bit different than most. I’ve got a lot of living in, I think it’s safe to say. Why not be thinking about forever.

Anyway, totally got sidetracked there. Sorry. I was trying to tell you about just now.

So, today, I’m outside. Not usually my thing but it was cloudy and rainy and it just felt good to do. Being me, I don’t get a chance to walk around a lot during the day so it was good for a change. So I’m walking around, just zoning out. And there she is. Sherry. Big green umbrella matching her eyes, wearing this tight shirt and this skirt—hey I’m still human, right?—and I just stared. Like an idiot. And she totally caught me looking. God, it was embarrassing. I didn’t know what to do so I froze and that made things even worse.

Not for her though. She’s so cool. She just walked right up to me and asked me why she almost never sees me around. I babbled something out because, well, what was I going to say. It’s kind of a weird first conversation, you know?

Whatever I said, it worked because she, really cute like, told me that her room was on the front of her house, that her parents slept in back, and that she stayed up VERY late. She said maybe I should come by some night and knock on her window. She winked and everything. I’m glad I was holding my coat in front of me then, let me tell you that.

I tried to be cool about it. I thought, yeah, maybe I’ll go. But not for a few days. Maybe a week. In movies, the cool guys are always talking about not calling a girl right away and the lame guys call the same day so, waiting was the cool thing to do.

But I’m so lame. SO lame. I couldn’t not go over tonight. I had to. Had. To. At 11:43, I looked down to her house and her light was on and…well, I had to.

And she was up! And excited to see! And was wearing just a sports bra and a tiny pair of shorts! AMAZING! So we talked for like an hour and it was so good and I thought, “Yes! I was right! Her! She’s the one!”

So I went for it. I told her I was cold and could I come in. And she was like, “Aren’t you always cold?” And yeah, that’s true, but…whatever. Not the point. So I try a different tactic, and tell her I’d love a tour of her house. And she smirks and says that she doesn’t think that’s really what I want. Again, totally true! And I’ve got nothing so I just go for it and ask, “Want to invite me in so we can make out?”

And she smiles really wide and tells what that’s sounds like a lot of fun but she knows what I am and she’s not ready for forever yet. Plus she likes the sun.

So after all that…nothing.

Being a teenage vampire is not nearly as cool as in the movies.