Writer's Commentary: Set Fire to the Third Bar

On Post: Set Fire to the Third Bar
Date: January 14
I have some problems with this one. It feels like a missed opportunity to me, an idea that I just couldn’t pull into port.
Problem one is the presentation. I probably should’ve gone dialogue for this one, but I purposely eschewed it because I had just done that the day before. Had I made it more play/screenplay-ie, I believe I could have made had more clearer delineated vignettes and not felt made. Doing it prose style made me feel like I had to connect things and could not just jump around. In retrospect, that’s obviously silly, but that’s how I felt.
Problem one gives birth to problem two which is, to do it in prose with connective tissues I needed to deepen each of the failed bar attempts to bring you into the experience that this guy is living through and I just didn’t. Again, as with World Waits for You, it was a matter of both time and not wanting to write a book as it feels inappropriate—if such a word applies—within the confines of The January Project.
The third problem is dumb, but might bother me the most. The third bar is the one to burn in the song. In the story, Roger and Co. attempt to go to Pyre…second! It’s such a ridiculous error to make, as it being third would be easy and a nice nod to the title. Just really sloppy on my part.
The idea came from my surprise about the fact that the title is actually literal. In studying the lyrics I realized that Snow Patrol is literally referring to the idea of burning down a drink joint. In just listening, I had always thought the “Bar” in question was symbolic, not a literal location. Similarly, I thought the “Fire” was not actually about burning something. But, there you go. So I centered the whole thing on bar hopping to get back to the one you love.
Like I said, missed opportunity. Cool to realize that about the song, nice platform for a story, then just a big bobble.
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