Writer's Commentary: Danger! High Voltage

On Post: Danger! High Voltage
Date: January 18
This is actually a continuation of a piece from last year’s Project “Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year” in which a killer proficient in poisons falls in love and decides to enact revenge for his figure of obsession by torching most of the city and, in doing so, theoretically killing people like her ex, her mean boss, her lazy, exploitative super, and so on. This part, of course, shows us how that worked out for him.
The choice to go in this direction was an easy one with Electric Six’s repeated invocation of “Don’t you want to know why they keep starting fires? It’s my desire” as a clear parallel to the passion of the murderous central figure.
I only wish I wasn’t so tired when I wrote it. I was literally nodding off and had to circle back and rewriter sentences multiple because they’d end in a nonsense strings of letters, repeats of the earlier clause, or just words that did not go together in any manner that made sense.
So, sadly, I think this is a case of a good idea leading to diminishing returns. Had I been more able to function, I imagine it would read better to me. Part of the “fun” of having to write everyday regardless though, I suppose.

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