January 9, 2012: Capital G

Letter: NCD Number: 13
Track Number: 7

Song: “Capital G” by Nine Inch Nails from Year Zero
Listen to it here

Bar Talking, Beautiful facial hair
(Picture taken from http://www.nashvillebyline.com/)

Two men meet in a bar. They do this every year. They share a father in common. Half brothers in the parlance. And the discussion is always the same.

“Still a fascist who believes that government has no place in society except to ensure that only rich white people get to do what they want?”

“Well, rich people in general, but, yeah, basically.”

“And that the government should not raise taxes to pay for things like Medicare or Welfare, but they should regulate who can marry who and what a woman can do with her body?”

“That’s about the size and shape of it. Yup. Are you still weak willed, unwilling to see how people take advantage of the system at the cost of society productive members?”

“Sounds accurate.”

“And you continue to be so naïve that you can’t see the government stifles creativity, ingenuity, and the will to achieve.”

“Oh, you know it.”

“So you wanna buy a bottle and go get polluted at dad’s grave?”

“Can we bring overpriced chicken nachos?”

“Just try and stop us.”

And so they went. For booze, nachos, and reminiscing. And no talk of politics.

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