January 2, 2012: Lemon

Letter: U
CD Number: 7
Track Number 4

Song: “Lemon” by U2 from Zooropa
Listen to it here

Diorama, A cool diorama

(Picture taken from http://gaygamer.net/2007/04/reminder_2_chocobo_tales_diora.html)

“What am I looking at here?” Marta asked her friend, tentatively poking at the assembly of cardboard and construction paper in front of her.

Nastia suggested hesitantly, “I think it’s a diorama.”

“A diorama?”

“Yeah, it is a three dimensional representation of a larger scene. Often of an important historical event or key sequence from a work of literature or film.”

Marta started at her a moment before reply, “No, I know what a diorama is. I attended elementary school. I meant, what is it a diorama of?”

“Oh,” Nastia mumbled. “I am…less clear on that. It appears to be my apartment but on the surface…I don’t know…maybe the moon?”

“Uh-huh. And he sent this to you.”



“He…well…he loves me. So…”


“I…well, it’s sweet, right?”

Marta could only shrug and offer a half-hearted, “Maybe?”

“Otherwise…why even send it?” Nastia talked it out.

They both got quiet and stared at it.

“The thing is—” Nastia began.

“It’s not even that pretty,” Marta pitched in.


“Could he be joking?”

“Does he ever joke?”

Marta did not respond. It was a rhetorical question with an obvious answer.

Nastia’s phone buzzed. She rolled her eyes, grabbed it, and ducked into the next room.

“Hello,” she said to the man on the other end.

“Yes. I was just looking at it.”

“No…well…I honestly don’t ‘get’ it.”

“Uh-huh. Well…uh-huh. Oh. No, no. Now I see it. That’s so nice! Thanks you.”

The phone beeped the end and was sauntered back in.

Marta, “So…”

“It is a post-modern summation of our romance; an attempt to capture a memory in a childhood medium,” she announced proudly.

“Oh…so you like it now?”

“Oh God, no. It’s terrible. But, you know, it’s the thought that counts.”

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